Eric Hersey TodCast PodCast

I jumped aboard The TodCast as a guest and decided to stick around as a co-host several seasons in. I may be referred as Todd’s kid brother in early episodes, but now I serve as his debate partner, music researcher, and nerd sidekick.

I am Eric Hersey

Co-host of The TodCast PodCast

Eric Hersey (that’s me) can thank Todd for my love of podcasts. Many, many years ago – Todd recommended a few comedy podcasts and I have been consuming ever since. Being a guest on Todd’s was a thrill and even better to become a regular.

My lovely wife, Lauren Hersey, has also been a guest and from time to time you might hear my other children. Executive producer Miles yells in the background, Lainee sometimes reads our advertisements, and Hunter has left messages requesting show topics. The whole family is involved.

I am a web designer and digital marketer. I’ve often joked that my goal is to finish all of my money-making gigs so I can just work on passion projects. That includes Fantasy football, Disney Theme Park History, and Professional Wrestling silliness. Oh yeah – I also Rank Music.

Being on the TodCast has given me a great excuse to talk to my brother several times a week. It’s also nice to practice my public speaking (cutting down on ‘uhs’ and slowing down the pace). The TodCast PodCast is great for business and pleasure.