This is the TodCast…

Hello and Welcome to the TodCast. I am a guy named Todd. I am often joined by my brother and co-host Eric. Together, we talk about a variety of things while I commute to and from work. There are no scripts, no show notes, just us chatting. Enjoy the show.

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“The New Heights Podcast” Podcast
April 7, 2024 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Are you ready for some "Trojan Horsing"? The Todcast PodCast brings to you “The New Heights Podcast”….we mean, “a podcast about heights”. We are just two brothers, who can...

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“1984” – Banned Book Club
March 27, 2024 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Abby, Todd, and Eric join forces once again as the Banned Book Club to discuss "1984" by George Orwell. There are lessons to be learned here, but they are...

By: TodCast PodCast / Banned Books
Two Guys Yelling at (and about) the Sun
March 20, 2024 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Tis the season, ugh. The Hersey boys are up and chatting first thing in the morning like they always do...and this time they are a bit grumpier than usual....

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E
March Madness Bracket Challenge: The Cereal Bowl
March 13, 2024 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

It is that time of year again! Todd and Eric (with some "help" from intern Craig) have assembled a tournament of breakfast champions, pitting popular breakfast cereal mascots against...

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The Omni Goes to Ireland!
March 6, 2024 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More Want to listen to our full podcast and skip the reading? Go ahead - hit play. Feel free to subscribe. Get ready to buckle up and cruise with...

By: TodCast PodCast / Journey in the Omni
Monsters on Ice!
February 28, 2024 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Eric's has once again taken his family to some themed entertainment and has returned to share his experiences with Todd and the rest of the world! Listen as the...

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“Until next time, I hope you have a good one”Todd