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TodCast episodes that feature both Todd and Eric as hosts.
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“The New Heights Podcast” Podcast

April 7, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

Are you ready for some “Trojan Horsing”? The Todcast PodCast brings to you “The New…

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“1984” – Banned Book Club

March 27, 2024/Banned Books/0 Comments

Abby, Todd, and Eric join forces once again as the Banned Book Club to discuss…

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Two Guys Yelling at (and about) the Sun

March 20, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

Tis the season, ugh. The Hersey boys are up and chatting first thing in the…

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March Madness Bracket Challenge: The Cereal Bowl

March 13, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

It is that time of year again! Todd and Eric (with some “help” from intern…

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The Omni Goes to Ireland!

March 6, 2024/Journey in the Omni/0 Comments

Get ready to buckle up and cruise with us because today, we’re revving up our…

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Monsters on Ice!

February 28, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

Eric’s has once again taken his family to some themed entertainment and has returned to…

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All-Time Best Barbie Doll Professions

February 21, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

In another installment of “Top Ten(-ish) Things” we take a look at Barbie’s resume and…

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Big vs. Small

February 14, 2024/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

Once more from the sealed envelopes prepared by our executive producer, a topic emerges to…

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Cereal Podcast

February 1, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

The Todcast PodCast brings to you “The Serial Podcast”….we mean, “The Cereal Podcast”. Todd Hersey…

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“To Kill a Mockingbird” Review

January 30, 2024/Banned Books/0 Comments

In the vast realm of literature, certain books stand out not just for their compelling…

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