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TodCast episodes that feature both Todd and Eric as hosts.
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Super Hero Sports Bracket

November 23, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

It’s been a while since the Hersey boys have forced odd groups to compete in…

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Networking, Hersey Style

November 9, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

The Hersey boys talk networking (the “meeting up with new people” variety, not computers, though…

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Hersey Hobby Wagon: Choose Your Own Adventure Books

November 9, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Todd plucks some literary gems from the back of the wagon…for what might be the…

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Monster Mish-Mash

October 26, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

The Hersey boys set out to have themselves a Halloween episode, and of course get…

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He’s going to Disney Land!

October 19, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Eric has not won a Super Bowl, but nonetheless he (and his family) are trekking…

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Vent Gnome Super Powers

October 12, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Eric wakes up with mystery cuts, Todd wants to know what women would do if…

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Rock and Roll!

October 5, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

The Wheeling Herseys made a weekend pilgrimage to the shrine to music that is the…

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Pointless Debates: School Uniforms

September 28, 2023/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

Once again, the Hersey boys have a ridiculous debate on a topic of dubious importance.…

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All the Favorite Numbers

September 21, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

The Hersey Boys riff on their favorite numbers, explain why they are their favorites, and…

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So Many Tubes for You…

September 13, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

It turns out that you can see at least one Hersey brother on YouTube. And…

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