Cereal Podcast

February 1, 2024/T&E
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Are you ready for some “Trojan Horsing”?

The Todcast PodCast brings to you “The Serial Podcast”….we mean, “The Cereal Podcast”. Todd Hersey and Eric Hersey take a mischievous dive into the cereal realm, putting a unique spin on the format made famous by the renowned “Serial” podcast. Well, not actually. They just talk about cereal. No murders.

Get ready for a deliciously deceptive exploration as they discuss Lucky Charms, Life, Frosted Mini-Wheats, name-brand cereals, and generics, all with a tongue-in-cheek approach.

Join Todd and Eric on this cereal-themed caper as “Trojan Horsing” puts a whimsical twist on the investigative podcast genre, all in the spirit of Serial. It's a breakfast saga that will keep you guessing until the last spoonful!

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If you enjoyed the Hersey boys trolling the podcast community, be sure that they will be back with some more “commonly known titles”.

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