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Jethro Tull: Music Ranked!

January 20, 2021/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Enjoy prog rock with a little bit of flute? Not sure if we can help…

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Music Ranked! Tool (the band)

August 5, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Todd and Eric switch it up by turning to the darker (and heavier) side of…

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Music Ranked! Pink Floyd

June 24, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

We are of the opinion that Pink Floyd, while awesome overall, are really more or…

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Music Ranked! The Moody Blues

May 27, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Coming in at number six on Eric’s original list in 2007, the Hersey brothers discuss…

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Music Ranked! The Electric Light Orchestra

May 6, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Occupying the original #5 slot on Eric’s rankings, Todd and Eric discuss the ever amazing…

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