Jethro Tull: Music Ranked!

January 20, 2021/Music Ranked

Enjoy prog rock with a little bit of flute?  Not sure if we can help you there. Enjoy prog rock with a LOT of flute? We may have a recommendation for you!

Ranking at number 21 on Eric’s 2007 list, the Hersey boys discuss the melodic majesty of the group Jethro Tull.  They talk a bit about their history and albums, the difficulties of objectively ranking songs, and how sometimes life can align to make certain songs a soundtrack to life’s events.

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Todd and Eric might not reminisce a ton about their history with Jethro Tull, but they do manage to explore some interesting topics.

  • Who is Jethro and who is Led?
  • Is Ian Anderson a professor from England?
  • Going into the weeds with Eric’s music process.
  • The two songs, one album rating dilemma.

Jethro Tull had a rather large discography and Eric and Todd discuss some of the best and worst from the band.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you are a fan of Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull, and ranking music – check out You will be able to see a complete profile breakdown of Jethro Tull and their songs.

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