R.E.M.: Music Ranked!

February 17, 2021/Music Ranked

Continuing the trend of discussing bands that were in Eric’s top 30 yet were not on Todd’s list at all, the boys discuss the music and impact of R.E.M.

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Todd and Eric discuss a band that both might have discovered around the same time. There might have been a 10-year gap in age, but both Todd and Eric remember early REM. Listen as the brothers discuss:

  • Todd’s general music ranking algorithm and process.
  • Does Todd hate America?
  • The only REM album Todd ever owned.
  • “Weird Al” and spam.

Eric also recommends several documentaries that can be found on YouTube and some quality podcasts that review the band. All of these recommendations can be found at the Music Ranked! website.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you enjoy REM or the music of REM, you might also enjoy an entire profile where Eric and Todd discuss their favorite music from REM. Check out MusicRanked.com for REM’s entire music profile.

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