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September 28, 2020/Music Ranked

Todd and Eric discuss the band America.  It turns out that it is difficult to search (or research) a group with such a common term as their band name who also did not have a lot of controversy or drama…

After the break, Eric pitches a music video concept for “Sister Golden Hair” and there is absolutely no discussion of piracy after the credits.  

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Finding quality topics and commentary on America is not hard to do.

It is hard to do for the band America.

Instead of deep diving into the history of America (the band), we will discuss the Letter H.

Why? Because it seems like America (the band) had an obsession. The majority of their albums were named with a word that started with the letter H.

A Little Bit About the Letter H

First thing is first, how do we pronounce the letter H?


You will see some regionally folk saying “haitch”, but that’s a bit overkill.

If you are keeping up with the ISO basic Latin alphabet, H is the eighth letter. For those unfamiliar, it’s the same 26 letters we use in the English alphabet.

Hersey Starts with H

Both Todd and Eric have four letter first names. It’s likely that the letter H was the 4th letter Todd learned and the fifth for Eric. This is assuming they focused on their names and not the standard ABC order.

If Todd decided to write his middle name on all of his signatures, he would have to write a total of two H’s. Eric would only have to write one.

Eric named his first born son Hunter, which is a great use of the letter H.

Hostile, the Backyard Wrestler Starts with H

In the late ’90s and early ’00s, Eric’s backyard wrestling persona was named Hostile. Since he thought he would be rich and famous one day, he practiced his autograph and decided to transform the way he wrote the capital H.

Instead of the standard cursive capital H, he designed a ribbon approach. This was to make it faster and easier to sign without lifting his pen.

Unfortunately, Hostile retired in 2002 and autographs vanished with him.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

For (a teensy bit of) more info, head on over to the Music Ranked! website.

Remember, piracy is wrong and illegal, which is why the Hersey brothers only acquire their music via legal and responsible means.

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