Pointless Debates: Do Audio Books “Count” as Reading?

September 26, 2020/Pointless Debates

This morning’s draw from the stack of debate envelopes provides a prompt that is shockingly apt for the Hersey brothers as Todd and Eric had discussed the topic very briefly earlier in the week.  The prompt in question: Should listening to audio books “count” as having read the book?  

The boys have their debate and after the break, we bring you the (earlier) conversation about books, shelves, and all things reading.  

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Todd and Eric both enjoy a good book. As documented in the past, both Todd and Eric also enjoy tracking things. Where does one go to track the books they read? Goodreads.com. Let’s take a look at the Hersey Boys online activity.

Todd Loves Hitchhiker’s Guide

With Goodreads, you can join online communities and become friends online – much like other social networks. We slipped in and became friends with Todd. We have access to his library, bookshelf, and ratings.

An interesting find was his Bookshelf called “Read Multiple Times”. What books did Todd read multiple times? How about a slew of Hitchhiker’s Guide books. See, we sorted his ratings to pull the top ranked. Todd enjoys some Douglas Adams books.

Watching His Books

If you enjoy reading this podcast, you might also enjoy watching his books. What does that even mean? Who knows…but go with me here.

Todd has a bookshelf that is labeled “Saw The Show As Well”. It appears that these are movies/shows that are also books. I saw we look at some of the worst books turned into movies.

Wonder if Todd thought the Hunger Games were equally bad movies?

Banned Books

Finding a list of banned books seems fun. Let’s take a look at all 15 on Todd’s shelf.

Such filthy books.

Eric’s Empty Shelf

Compared to Todd’s 900+, Eric’s library is bare. Nearly all of his books are also Disney Theme Park and Disney History related.

Not much to share.

He did give us enough information to know his favorite book is Realityland – a book about the creation of Walt Disney World.

I guess we know to stick with Todd’s library if we want solid “meta book information” for blogs.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

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