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Episodes that feature a guest host or contributor.
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“1984” – Banned Book Club

March 27, 2024/Banned Books/0 Comments

Abby, Todd, and Eric join forces once again as the Banned Book Club to discuss…

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Hersey Hobby Wagon: Pizza in the Glove Box edition

August 3, 2022/Guest/0 Comments

As a special treat, sister Crystal joins the Hersey boys in the hobby wagon!  Listen…

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Don’t Call It “Velcro” (with Special Guest Abby)

May 19, 2021/Guest/0 Comments

The Hersey boys are joined by one of their executive producers to discuss something called…

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Talking Fortnite with Hunter!

March 10, 2021/Guest/0 Comments

This is a description of the Podcast and general overview of the episode. Often the…

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Recycling Redemption

September 12, 2020/Guest/0 Comments

Have you ever listened to the TodCast and thought, “I wonder what it would be…

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Online Training

Online Learning (with special guest Abby Hersey)

July 25, 2020/Guest/0 Comments

A trio of Herseys converge to discuss online learning resources such as Lynda, LinkedIn, Team…

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The League of Nothing (with John Wyatt Edgar)

June 22, 2020/Guest/0 Comments

Eric brings along a special guest: John Wyatt Edgar (of Dubpoints fame) to explain his…

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League of Nothing