Online Learning (with special guest Abby Hersey)

July 25, 2020/Guest
Online Training

A trio of Herseys converge to discuss online learning resources such as Lynda, LinkedIn, Team Treehouse, Udemy, and SkillShare.  Todd has some experience as an occasional student, Eric brings his long term learning experiences to the table, and Abby shares her wisdom as both a student and as an instructor.

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You have yourself a team that knows a thing or two about online learning. Abby Hersey joins Todd and Eric on the TodCast.

Who is Abby Hersey?

Frequent listeners of the TodCast might know Abby as an executive producer. Long time listeners know Abby as a guest. Friends and family know Abby as being the better half to Todd. Everyone else – Abby is one hell of a graphic designer and online educator.

Abby Hersey Illustration and Design

Abby runs a successful Illustration and Graphic Design business and has over 5,000 students enrolled in her Skillshare classes. She is a self-taught designer that has worked her way into partnership with major international brands. She gives a lot of credit to online learning.


Abby is the pro here. Skillshare is an online learning platform dedicated to design, illustration, photography, and the arts. There are thousands of courses. Abby started as a user and found herself becoming a teacher.

Skillshare has premium plans billed monthly or annually. For less than $9 bucks a month (on the yearly plan), you get access to all of the courses and workshops. Not only can you follow along with the courses, you can submit your projects for peer and teacher review. This helps you work on projects you are passionate about, not recreating the instructors project.

Abby reviews how she became a teacher and how she makes videos (sometimes she has to get creative).

Check out some of Abby’s courses and sign up for Skillshare.

Team Treehouse

Eric started his development journey on YouTube but an ad quickly transitioned him to Team Treehouse. Skillshare has a specialty for art – Team Treehouse specializes in code. Eric used this monthly service for a year and got back into the web development game.

Online Training Computer

Team Treehouse has a wonderful user interface and gives you clear paths to become a web designer, app creator, SEO, and more. Team Treehouse is a great tool for developing the necessary skills to work in digital marketing or web development.

Check out Team Treehouse.


Todd suggested Udemy, even though we don’t know exactly how it should be pronounced. Todd used Udemy several times and purchased completed courses – as opposed to a monthly subscription. Udemy helped Todd increase his coding skills, but is not limited to web development. Courses run anywhere from ten dollars to several hundred dollars.

If you are looking to increase a single skillset and not necessarily make online courses part of your monthly schedule, Udemy is a perfect option.

Take a look at some Udemy courses. (LinkedIn Learning)

Todd is a lucky man because his company pays for a subscription to this popular online learning program. Eric pays yearly and gives credit for a lot of his success., also called LinkedIn Learning, has thousands of courses on all topics. Time management, graphic design, coding, and nearly anything else you can think of can be found on Lynda.

Find out why Eric moved from Team Treehouse to Lynda. Eric also explains some of his favorite features on the Lynda app.

Check out and see why Eric raves about it.

What Platform is Best?

It’s pretty clear that our hosts have their favorites – and neither one is wrong.

This episode is full of great tips, tricks, and some success stories. Go figure that all three attribute some of their success to skills they acquired online.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

You can find more of Eric’s thoughts on the topic here: Learning From Home

You can find Abby’s courses here (and get free trial access to the platform): Abby Hersey Online Classes

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