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Episodes and bonus content that feature productivity tips and tricks. (The MT is short for Multi Tasking)
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Get Back to Work!

July 28, 2021/MT Cast/0 Comments

A lot has changed over the course of the last year or so.  A lot…

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Habitica Bobby Casserole

Habitica: Character Building

May 26, 2021/MT Cast/0 Comments

Todd and Eric continue their series on the habit building and getting-stuff-done tool known as…

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Habitica: Getting Your Game On (and Your Stuff Done)

March 13, 2021/MT Cast/0 Comments

This is a description of the Podcast and general overview of the episode. Often the…

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Saving the New Year

January 9, 2021/MT Cast/0 Comments

We aren’t rescuing the new year, but offering some helpful tips on how to save…

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Podcast Player App Review

October 7, 2020/MT Cast/0 Comments

Time for another MT Cast and the topic today (though a bit meta) is one…

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Google It!

August 29, 2020/MT Cast/0 Comments

Todd and Eric discuss the means by which they have tried to be self-sufficient, focusing…

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Google It
Online Training

Online Learning (with special guest Abby Hersey)

July 25, 2020/Guest/0 Comments

A trio of Herseys converge to discuss online learning resources such as Lynda, LinkedIn, Team…

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Play Doh Life Hacks (or, the Return of the MT Cast)

July 18, 2020/MT Cast/0 Comments

Todd finds notes regarding the Hersey boys’ original podcast team-up idea: the MT Cast (as…

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