Saving the New Year

January 9, 2021/MT Cast

We aren’t rescuing the new year, but offering some helpful tips on how to save some cold, hard cash.

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Eric handles most of the finances in his household. Although Todd isn’t as hands on, he does plenty to help keep the expenses low. The Hersey Brothers take the time to discuss some life hacks that help them save money year-over-year. Some topics include:

  • Eric getting a job as a saver
  • Smart thermostats
  • Curtain Hacks
  • Smart Outlets
  • Water and Recycling – (Be sure to get the full content from Abby on the podcast Recycling Redemption)
  • Cost per….
  • Couponing or Generics
  • Cooking at Home

There are plenty of tips and tricks throughout the episode. Feel free to use them in your everyday life and save some cash.

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