WW84, Soul, Movies, and Streaming

January 13, 2021/T&E

Todd gives a scathing review of Wonder Woman 84, the Hersey brothers discuss the new Pixar release Soul, which turns into a longer conversation regarding the nature of modern film consumption and the future of cinema.

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Todd and Eric watch movies. Not a ton of movies, but they manage to sneak a few in per month. Just so happens that Eric and Todd watched some movies in December/January. You can hear the Hersey Brothers discussing their thoughts on the following:

  • What movie is The Star Wars Holiday Special of DC
  • How are the DC movies? Todd’s opinions.
  • The Joker is not a comic book movie
  • What factories did Miles go to in Soul?
  • Will movie theatres survive the pandemic?

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you are interested in watching any of the movies mentioned in the podcast, we recommend subscriptions to popular streaming services like Disney+, HBOMax, or Netflix.

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