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Episodes and bonus content relating to Eric's Music Ranked project.
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Music Ranked! and the TodCast

March 17, 2021/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Todd and Eric have been working on the Music Ranked project for quite some time.…

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Music Ranked

Nirvana: Music Ranked!

March 3, 2021/Music Ranked/0 Comments

The Hersey boys discuss one of the grandfathers of grunge: Nirvana. Throw on some flannel…

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R.E.M.: Music Ranked!

February 17, 2021/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Continuing the trend of discussing bands that were in Eric’s top 30 yet were not…

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The Eagles (band): Music Ranked!

February 3, 2021/Music Ranked/0 Comments

They started in the number 22 slot on Eric’s original 2007 list (and were strangely…

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Jethro Tull: Music Ranked!

January 20, 2021/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Enjoy prog rock with a little bit of flute? Not sure if we can help…

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Creedence Clearwater Revival: Music Ranked!

January 6, 2021/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Coming in at #20 on Eric’s original list and #34 on Todd’s, the Hersey boys…

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Cake (the band): Music Ranked!

December 16, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

The Hersey boys take another break from the usual countdown to consider one of Todd’s…

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Richard Marx: Music Ranked!

December 9, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Today, the Hersey boys delve in on an artist that was played in heavy rotation…

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The Guess Who: Music Ranked!

November 25, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Can you Guess Who Todd and Eric are discussing in this episode? That old joke…

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The Doors: Music Ranked!

November 7, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

The Hersey boys discuss a group that ranks highly on both their lists: The Doors.…

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