Nirvana: Music Ranked!

March 3, 2021/Music Ranked

Todd and Eric both experienced Nirvana in real-time. The major exception being Todd was a perfect age and Eric experienced Nirvana through Weird Al’s parody videos. Eventually, they both grew to an age where they can appreciate and discuss Nirvana.

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 The Hersey boys discuss one of the grandfathers of grunge: Nirvana.  Listen as Eric and Todd chat about:

  • Where Todd first discovered the group
  • Eric’s general disdain for feedback and noise in music
  • The group’s punk-ish roots (and how it breaks Eric’s algorithm)
  • Fun times in Eric’s old call center job
  • Shout outs to John Wyatt Edgar and Tori Amos

Throw on some flannel and rock out with us!

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you enjoy Nirvana or if you enjoy Ranking Music in general, check out and Eric’s post on Nirvana. There you can find additional podcasts, documentaries, and information about the band.

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