The Eagles (band): Music Ranked!

February 3, 2021/Music Ranked

They started in the number 22 slot on Eric’s original 2007 list (and were strangely absent from Todd’s list). Eric explains how this group skyrocketed to his top ten! The Hersey boys discuss the band’s origins, their legacy, and how they top the records for album sales.

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Todd and Eric go right into Eagle’s discussion. Without fail, they Hersey boys turn a band that they knew very little about into a 30-minute podcast recording. You can hear Todd and Eric discuss:

  • Exactly how many Eagle songs were originally on Todd’s phone.
  • Anton LaVey being a big fan.
  • The college roommate that liked country music.
  • Is the Greatest Hits the Greatest?

Eric also takes this opportunity to talk about Heavy Metal and Don Felder. Yes, the cartoon that South Park brilliantly parodied and made Eric a huge fan.

There is no shortage of Eagle’s love in this podcast, so give it a listen.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you are a fan of the Eagles or just a fan of ranking music, be sure to check out Eric’s profile on Take a look at some great documentaries, wonderful podcast recommendations, and his favorite songs/albums.

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