Spoiling Star Wars: Solo

February 27, 2021/Spoiling Star Wars

As they come to the end of the line in live-action Star Wars motion pictures, the Hersey boys dive in to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Although Eric and Todd hope that this won’t be the final Star Wars spin-off movie, we have to treat it as such. Todd and Eric discuss all things Solo and highlights include:

  • Discussion of release schedules and how the movie makers shot themselves in the foot on this one
  • The excellent portrayals of the cast in embodying the characters
  • Maul!
  • Qi’ra’s role in the endgame and their interpretations

Blast into hyperspace with us in this episode!

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

There are plenty of episodes of Todd talking about Star Wars and both Herseys spoiling their favorite films of the franchise. Take a look at all of the Spoiling Star Wars episodes in the archive.

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