Richard Marx: Music Ranked!

December 9, 2020/Music Ranked

Today, the Hersey boys delve in on an artist that was played in heavy rotation by our father.  We aren’t exactly sure why Bill Hersey was such a fan, though we do speculate a bit on that topic.  While this music is typically not Todd’s cup of tea, we can understand why Eric “Soft Rock” Hersey enjoys it so much.

We also discuss a scandal.  Not a scandal that Mr. Marx was involved with, but rather one that is Eric was a part of on his behalf….listen to the episode for the details!

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As much as Eric and Todd would love to throw up the image that caused much controversy, we will try and avoid any Richard Marx lawsuits this year. Instead, we can highlight some of the topics covered in this Richard Marx episode:

  • Who do we think would rank #1 on sister Crystal’s Music Ranked?
  • What is Richard Marx doing on Twitter?
  • Bon Jovi or Richard Marx? What made them different?
  • Can Todd name a single song from Richard Marx?
  • Howard Stern and awkward videos of Richard Marx

Eric also tells the story about the lovely piece of mail he received dealing with his music website and copyrighted images.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

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