Spoiling Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 13

December 5, 2020/Spoiling Star Wars

The Hersey brothers discuss the second season of the Disney+ hit series The Mandalorian once more!

Another fan favorite makes her live action debut in this week’s chapter and the Hersey boys are here to talk about it.  Another fan favorite’s name is dropped, and Todd helps to explain why this is significant as well.

WARNING:  In case the episode title was not self-explanatory: this show contains spoilers for the Mandalorian.  If you have not yet watched it, listen to this later!

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As the Hersey boys continue their series on The Mandalorian, new questions and new answers are discussed on the TodCast. Unlike Todd, Eric is a very surface level Star Wars fan. Todd, on the other hand, has greater knowledge of people, places, and things. This makes for wonderful conversation involving some of the characters appearing in this chapter and also referenced. Some interesting topics discussed include:

  • What is Google Discover and how do you get them to know you like Star Wars?
  • Rosario Dawson being cast with the help of Twitter and fans.
  • Todd explains the details of Thrawn – who is he and will we see him?
  • Are there cliff notes for Clone Wars and Rebels?
  • How much fan service or throwbacks can Star Wars do before it is too much?
  • What line of dialogue had Todd really excited about blasters?

They don’t mention it in the episode, but Eric’s family once had an encounter with Ahsoka Tano while he was on a ride. Check out the Star Wars characters heading backstage after a parade at Hollywood Studios in 2015.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you want to hear more about Rosario Dawson’s casting in The Mandalorian, Collider featured a story you might enjoy.

We also have the name of Baby Yoda/The Child. Check out Grogu’s profile at Wookieepeda.

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