The Guess Who: Music Ranked!

November 25, 2020/Music Ranked

Can you Guess Who Todd and Eric are discussing in this episode?  That old joke is remembered fondly by both brothers as originating with our father  from car trips in the past, and they both own up to re-using it on their children.  The classics never die.

They also discuss the Canadian classic rock group, The Guess Who.  Todd tells a tale of how even among the Satanic panic and the “rock is evil” days this band was considered acceptable.  Eric recalls how his first memories of the band are tied to proofs of purchase converting into free compact discs.

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The Guess Who was an exciting episode for both Todd and Eric. Although they talked about favorite Canadian band, we will side-step and talk about favorite American board game – Guess Who?

Guess Who Characters

At first, we were going to explore the individual characters of the game. We were going to pull up the individual faces of characters and make silly little jokes about each one. Problem is, beat us to the punch.

If you are looking for some Full Belly Laughs, give their article a read.

A Different Look at the Characters

If you are more interested in a detailed look at the backstory of each character – in a perverted way, we found that article also.

Joe.Co.Uk decided to rank every Guess Who character based on horniness.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Not sure why this came to the authors mind, but who are we to judge.

Read the full article (which has to be several thousand words – impressive).

Spoiler Alert: Bill is the most horny.

Guess Who Celebrities

Lastly, we bring to you an article where each Guess Who characters is compared to modern celebrities. decided to spend some time and hammer out this article (what I imagine was) a few years ago.

Yes, as of the time of linking, the images are broken. Someone get ahold of their webmaster. But, you can always do a Google search to see how accurate they are.

Full Article (with broken images).

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

You can learn more over at

To learn more about board games, visit Javelina’s Game Closet.

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