Cake (the band): Music Ranked!

December 16, 2020/Music Ranked

The Hersey boys take another break from the usual countdown to consider one of Todd’s top 10:  the unique musical stylings of the band Cake.

They discuss not just the music, but also how hard it is to find information on the band, odd things Todd had done to his hair for a Cake show, and the possibility of tree giveaways…

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I’m not sure if you often make Cake as a palate cleanser, but today Todd and Eric do just that! After listening to ten straight Eric Hersey recommended artists, Todd introduces Eric to one of his favorites. The Hersey boys discuss all things Cake (music) and so much more. Some of the topics include:

  • Eric’s search for Cake online and his difficulties.
  • Two complete ridiculous Hair-Concert stories from Todd, minus photo evidence (sadly).
  • What offensive songs did Todd and Abby choose for their ringtones?
  • The religious singer that dislikes Cake and their cover songs.
  • Todd and Eric have different taste in songs but similar tastes in music.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

For more info, you can always head over to to see Eric’s notes!

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