The Hersey Hobby Wagon: Nintendo

February 20, 2021/T&E

The Hersey boys take another trip in the station wagon, going down memory lane to the pivotal game console of their youth: the mighty Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES).

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I’m not sure if you are human (or real) if you were alive in the 90s and don’t have fond memories of the original NES. Listen to Todd and Eric chat about:

  • A brief history of the NES
  • How the Herseys were late adopters (and why)
  • Space games involving Easter Island heads
  • Ceramic store Star Wars
  • Tecmo Super Bowl

Get your 8-bit fun in this episode!

Solar Jetman NES
Yes, it was Solar Jetman all along!

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This is not the first time two Hersey boys discussed video games. Episode 36, Todd answers video game questions from Hunter (Eric’s son).

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