Music Ranked! The Moody Blues

May 27, 2020/Music Ranked

Coming in at number six on Eric’s original list in 2007, the Hersey brothers discuss the Moody Blues.  They sure do seem to like Days of Future Passed…

We pre-apologize for the audio quality on this one, but we suspect that the regular listeners are accustomed to this. 🙂

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Todd and Eric discuss a band that became famous well before their time – The Moody Blues. Both brothers have fond memories of the band in relation to their father, Bill Hersey, and discuss various topics, including:

  • The song that brings back the best memories for Todd.
  • How the band created the masterpiece Days of Future Past.
  • Egypt Valley and its haunted nature.
  • When exactly did The Moody Blues sound change?

The Hersey boys discuss their favorite songs and memories for this classic rock band – while dodging traffic in the rain (or at least it sounds like it).

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you are a fan of The Moody Blues or the Music Ranked! project, head over to for The Moody Blues profile or the ranking update for The Moody Blues.

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