Music Ranked! The Electric Light Orchestra

May 6, 2020/Music Ranked

Occupying the original #5 slot on Eric’s rankings, Todd and Eric discuss the ever amazing Electric Light Orchestra (or ELO, because abbreviations are cool and easier to say).  We talk about how Jeff Lynne makes some sweet tunes and surprisingly, we do not discuss his sunglasses or hair at all in the episode.

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Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) seem to be favorites by both Todd and Eric. Although their father likely had all of the vinyl records, Eric didn’t discover the group until high school – with the help of VH1. We also discover the following:

  • Why Eric loved the eighties.
  • If Jeff Lynne worships the Devil, by cassette tape.
  • Time and Busch Gardens.
  • You can buy your best vinyl records at Big Lots.

Todd and Eric go into the weeds a bit and discuss how you should group the collective albums and score the band. Do Jeff Lynne’s solo albums count as ELO? Should ELO 2 count? So many questions and they have the answers.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you are a fan of ranking music, Electric Light Orchestra, The Orchestra, ELO 2, or Jeff Lynne – head over to and check out Eric’s profile on ELO.

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