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August 5, 2020/Music Ranked

Coming on the heels of our discussion of softer rock, Todd and Eric switch it up by turning to the darker (and heavier) side of rock with Tool.  This group was not on Eric’s original 2007 list, but the brothers decided that they’d do a bit of a “palate cleanse” and talk about one of the top bands from Todd’s list.

Eric has done his homework and researched the group via podcasts and videos.  Todd shows up and shares his memories… So not entirely unlike the situation for previous Music Ranked episodes after all.

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Much like all of The TodCast Music Ranked! episodes, you will find both Eric’s and Todd’s personal opinions on the band Tool at – Tool. There would be no reason to recreate the page here.

Is Tool a Modern Pink Floyd?

Through conversation, Todd and Eric both discuss their interest in Pink Floyd and how many Tool songs seem similar in style. Were The Hersey boys the first to ask the question – is tool a modern version of Pink Floyd?

No. In fact, there is a nice Reddit chain exploring that very topic.

The thread is archived, but there are some valuable points. Of course, you can reopen this topic and leave comments below on your opinions.

Is Tool the Modern Pink Floyd?

Long Time Between Albums

Todd, being the bigger Tool fan, talks about his experiences and memories with the band. He touches base on his time in the Navy and also his time in Florida. Todd also discusses how big of a deal it was when Tool finally released a new album.

Tool doesn’t put albums out like bands in the 60s. In fact, they might be one of the few bands that really take a long time between albums.

They aren’t the longest though. Wikipedia does a great job giving us a table of the longest gaps between studio albums.

Casa das Máquinas has the record for 44 years.

Casa das Máquinas
A guy from Casa das Máquinas? At least that’s what Google Images said.

Maybe Tool will wait until 2064 to drop their next album and beat that record.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This episode has been rocking harder than usual since August 5th, 2020.

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