Pointless Debates: Pop vs Soda

August 1, 2020/Pointless Debates
Soda vs. Pop

From the Envelopes of Doom (courteously provided by our Executive Producer Abby) comes the next topic of debate:  Pop vs. Soda.  What follows is one of the shortest debates the Hersey brothers have provided thus far. After the break, they discuss their logic in more detail.

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The debate has been going on for years (at least in the Upper Ohio Valley). In this session, Todd was representing the Valley and their constant use of the word Pop. Eric argued that all soft drinks should be called soda.

What does the country think? – Pop vs. Soda.

It’s a good thing that the Hersey brothers were not alone in this discussion. Credible sources like Business Insider took this question to task in October 2018. They even drafted up a nifty chart.

Credit: BusinessInsider.com

The Third Party – Coke

Even though Todd and Eric had their own fights to win, they made sure to let Coke into the debate. Todd speaks of his many instances with restaurants and establishments down south that loved a quality Orange Coke. Todd even tells us a tale about a fellow that refused to drink anything but Coke.

Searching Soda vs. Pop

Of course, Eric resorts to what he knows and pulls in data from Google. Todd also brings up a solid point – “Pop” is exciting.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This episode has been bickering about nomenclature since August 1st, 2020.

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