Spoiling Star Wars with Eric: The Phantom Menace

August 8, 2020/Spoiling Star Wars

Todd and Eric tackle the fourth film, which is the first in the saga.  The podcast begins (much as the film does) with a discussion of who owns what and the state of the franchise.  

Find out what Eric dislikes even more than Jar Jar…

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How do you start a Star Wars review podcast? With a GIF.

Disney Buys 20th (21st) Century Fox

Todd was well aware that Disney was the owner of Lucasfilm. The news broke, because Eric is a huge Disney Nerd, that Disney also owns 20th Century Fox. The iconic introduction graphic was the topic of much conversation.

For those who are not big-time Disney fans, in November 2017 Disney and Fox Studios started conversation. Fox had a pretty large film library and Disney was going to launch a little thing called Disney+. I’m sure they thought it would be a good idea to add some more classic films to their catalog.

Over the course of several years and a few block attempts by Comcast, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox and with it came the spotlight graphic in front of the Star Wars films.

Star Wars Records – How Many Times Did Todd see Phantom Menace in the Theatre?

This was the first Star Wars film in decades and Todd was ready. Todd explains why he saw this so many times in the theatre – but it still wasn’t enough to hold a world record.

If you love records or even ranking things (because that is a thing on the TodCast), you will love the Star Wars records on GuinessWorldRecords.com.

  • Ever wonder how many people participated in a lightsaber fight at one time?
  • How about how fast a team built a lego Millennium Falcon?
  • Do you have enough toothpicks to make a Star Destroyer? You will need 15,000.

Yes, there are more facts and records that can be found here.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This episode has been ruining the childhoods of neckbeards since August 8, 2020.

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