The Shawshank Redemption – IMDb Top 250

January 21, 2024/IMDb Top 250/0 Comments

The Shawshank Redemption” was brought to life during the early 1990s, a period marked by…

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The shawshank redemption
Kenner Star War Expensive Toys

Most Expensive Kenner Star Wars Action Figures

January 13, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

Step into the intergalactic realm of Star Wars collectibles, where enthusiasts navigate the cosmos of…

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Dominican Republic

January 7, 2024/Journey in the Omni/0 Comments

Welcome, wanderlust adventurers and sunseekers! Buckle up because we’re about to take a delightful stroll…

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Full Audio Guide to the Dominican Republic by The Todcast Podcast

Welcome to Season Eight (New and Improved!)

January 4, 2024/T&E/0 Comments

New year, new season of the TodCast! Listen as we walk through what to expect…

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A Tribute to Our Key Demographic

December 28, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

You may have heard the Hersey boys talk about their “12 listeners in Saskatchewan” on…

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2023 Achievements in Hobby Extravagance

December 21, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Despite any of the bad things that may have happened this year, the Hersey boys…

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T&E Raw: Ra Ra

December 14, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

We promise this is the last one! The final Ra: a sun god, an album,…

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T&E Raw: Rah Rah

December 6, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

The Hersey boys continue with the silliness they started last week, drawing from a random…

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T&E Raw: Raw Raw

November 29, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

You know what? Its probably easier for you to listen to the episode to see…

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Let’s Get Fat!

November 23, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Tomorrow is USA Turkey Day, and the Hersey boys intend to feast. They have also…

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