Wrapping up the Chips

March 1, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

For those familiar with the “Chips” series of TodCasts, you know that when we say…

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Eric Joins a Cult

February 22, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Just kidding! What Eric has actually done was join Todd in his weekly Dungeons and…

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Peanut Butter

February 15, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Apparently, we turned into a food podcast. ¬†And it also seems that when we have…

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Self Indulgent Audio Biography, Ch. 8: “The Flaming Pentagram Story”

February 8, 2023/Self Indulgent Audio Biography/0 Comments

Todd continues his tales of youthful pyrotechnic delights, this time involving: Oh yeah… and that…

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Groundhog Day (again)

February 1, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

As is their tradition (or curse, depending on your point of view), the Hersey boys…

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Hersey Hobby Wagon: Miniatures for Games

January 25, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

It is Todd’s turn to reach into the back of the wagon and this week…

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Spontaneous Pickles, Raw

January 18, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

Despite Eric feeling that they would not be able to record an episode due to…

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Pointless Debates: Who Gets the Armrest in an Airplane?

January 11, 2023/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

The Hersey boys attempt to solve a concern in the modern age of air travel.

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Season Seven Begins (or “Six Hours of Cocoa Relief”)

January 4, 2023/T&E/0 Comments

New year, new season of the TodCast with Eric!  The Hersey boys take this opportunity…

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2022 Wrapped

December 28, 2022/T&E/0 Comments

The Hersey boys do a year in review episode. Not much more to say here,…

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