Todd & Eric Episodes

While the TodCast started as a solo project, most of the recent TodCast episodes feature both Hersey brothers, Todd and Eric.  While he made some guest appearances in Seasons 1, 2, and 3, it wasn’t until season 4 that Eric became a regular host.

Though a decade different in age, they both have similar interests and tastes, so they tend to get along pretty well on air.  Episodes in this category feature both hosts, so you can easily get your T&E fix by sampling any of the below!

All Alone
September 21, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

The Hersey boys discuss times when they have been left to their own devices and how they handled it.

By: Todd Hersey / T&E
Hersey Hobby Wagon: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
September 14, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

The Hersey boys hop in the hobby wagon and discuss the glories of He-Man (and the other Masters of the Universe). Ride along as they: Discuss the toys that...

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E
Pointless (not a) Debate: Paper Clips and Staples
September 7, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

The Hersey boys' sister Crystal prompts a discussion, which turns into a rambling discussion of all things office supply related...

By: TodCast PodCast / Pointless Debates
September Holidays
August 31, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Once again, the Hersey boys, in a quest for quick and easy content, scour the internet to find obscure and/or humorous holidays in September. Well, scour is probably not...

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E
Hersey Hobby Wagon: The Tandy 1000HX Computer
August 24, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Another day, another trip in the wagon! This time, Eric hauls out a simply ancient piece of technology...the first Hersey family computer. Listen as the Hersey boys recall: How...

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E
Collecting Vinyl
August 17, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Record collecting is the the Hersey genes: Their father had an impressive collection and his sons follow in this footsteps. Listen as they discuss: Their memories of dad's collectionHow...

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E
Hot and Cold, North and South, East and West
August 10, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

The Hersey boys review their personal experiences with extremes in temperature and geography.

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E
Hersey Hobby Wagon: Pizza in the Glove Box edition
August 3, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

As a special treat, sister Crystal joins the Hersey boys in the hobby wagon! Listen as she: Breaks tradition and grabs a memory from somewhere that is not the...

By: TodCast PodCast / Guest
Pointless Debates: Is a Lap an Illusion?
July 27, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

The Hersey boys "disagree" as to the realities of certain leg positions...

By: TodCast PodCast / Pointless Debates
Self Indulgent Audio Biography, Ch. 5
July 20, 2022 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

In what Eric refers to as the "Behind the Music" episode, wherein we hear of Todd's "downfall" to the dark side. Listen as Todd tells the tale of: How...

By: TodCast PodCast / Self Indulgent Audio Biography