Todd & Eric Episodes

While the TodCast started as a solo project, most of the recent TodCast episodes feature both Hersey brothers, Todd and Eric.  While he made some guest appearances in Seasons 1, 2, and 3, it wasn’t until season 4 that Eric became a regular host.

Though a decade different in age, they both have similar interests and tastes, so they tend to get along pretty well on air.  Episodes in this category feature both hosts, so you can easily get your T&E fix by sampling any of the below!

So Many Bigfeet. (or is it Bigfoots?)
May 24, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

The Hersey boys deviate from Dungeons and Dragons monsters and dip into "real life" monsters...otherwise known as cryptids. It would seem that there are a lot of: Large mammalian...

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Pointless Debates: Pizza Shapes Edition
May 17, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

What is the best way to cut a pizza? The Hersey Boys don't necessarily have the answer, but that won't stop them from having strong (fake) opinions on the...

By: TodCast PodCast / Pointless Debates
Hersey Hobby Wagon: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook (1st Edition)
May 10, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Todd pulls the wagon over in the rain and pulls forth an ancient tome that factored heavily in his development in his youth. He then proceeds to go on...

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Muppet Talk (with special guest, Abby!)
May 3, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

In response to at least one angry text from a listener (who was quite unhappy that we did not mention Beeker in our previous Muppet-based episode) we have returned...

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Spoiling Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Season 3 Wrap Up
April 26, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

There have been some time-consuming events in the lives of the hosts, hence the scarcity of Mandalorian content for this season. That said, the Hersey boys wanted to provide...

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Self-Indulgent Audio Biography, Ch. 9: Early Employment and My First Paycheck
April 19, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

We take a diversion from pyrotechnics to delve into Todd's first real job, how he spent his first check, and how that led to an encounter with two individuals...

By: TodCast PodCast / Self Indulgent Audio Biography
Hersey Hobby Wagon: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
April 12, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

It is Eric's turn to pull from the back of the wagon and he comes up with a Power Ranger! While Todd does not have many memories of them...

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The Easter Grinch
April 5, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

The Hersey Boys, figuring that since Christmas has the Grinch, ask what would Easter have as an equivalent? Warning! Todd comes directly out of the gate running HOT, so...

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E
Pointless Debates: Loony Toons Edition
March 29, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

Drawing once again from the "Envelopes of Doom" the Hersey Boys debate a clash for the generations!  You'll have to listen to see what that means (and who wins)....

By: TodCast PodCast / Pointless Debates
March Madness 2023: Satan’s Soft Rock
March 22, 2023 /0 Comments/0 Likes/More

It is March, so we have to do a bracket, of course. But its the TodCast, so we are going to skip past any semblance of anything sportsball related,...

By: TodCast PodCast / T&E