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Episodes and bonus content relating to Todd and Eric's arguments for (and against) silly points of view that have no significance.
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Pointless Debates: Pineapple on Pizza

July 7, 2021/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

The age-old classic conundrum…do you put pineapple on pizza or not? Todd and Eric share…

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Toilet Paper

Pointless Debates: Over or Under?

June 2, 2021/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

The never-ending debate rolls on: How should one put the toilet paper roll on the…

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Pointless Debates: Postal Edition

April 7, 2021/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

Cueing from a listener-provided prompt, the Hersey boys fuse form and function, then argue about…

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Pointless Debates: Shower Edition

February 24, 2021/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

We don’t want to spoil the reveal from the Envelopes of Doom by giving the…

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Pointless Debates: Google vs Bing

January 27, 2021/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

Once more from the Envelopes of Doom comes a topic that is perhaps not so…

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Pointless Debates: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

December 30, 2020/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

Another pull from the debate topic “envelopes of doom” brings us this age-old conundrum…is a…

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Pointless Debates: Do Audio Books “Count” as Reading?

September 26, 2020/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

This morning’s draw from the stack of debate envelopes provides a prompt that is shockingly…

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Soda vs. Pop

Pointless Debates: Pop vs Soda

August 1, 2020/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

From the Envelopes of Doom comes the next topic of debate: Pop vs. Soda. What…

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Pointless Debates: Hair Care

July 1, 2020/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

Pulling another debate topic from the envelopes of doom, the Hersey brothers delve into the…

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Hair Care