Pointless Debates: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

December 30, 2020/Pointless Debates

Another pull from the debate topic “envelopes of doom” brings us this age-old conundrum…is a hot dog a sandwich?  Things get so heated before the break that you can hear the sirens in the background!

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The process is simple. Todd and Eric open a concealed envelope with an unknown topic included. They have to debate the pro/con of the topic – selecting what side before they reveal the options. In this situation, Eric took the pro-topic and Todd will be arguing against. This podcast has Eric Hersey arguing that Hot Dogs are sandwiches and Todd against. Some of the talking points include:

  • Eric’s first debate about Sandwiches.
  • Should they be talking about Tacos?
  • Are Uncrustables Sandwiches?
  • Holding the hot dog helps answer the question.
  • The bun makes a difference.
  • Hot Dogs should not run.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This has been a hot topic for years. If you would like to hear what other experts say, check out AllRecipes.com.

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