The TodCast Holiday Special 2020

December 22, 2020/Special

The Hersey boys reminisce about holiday memories, past and present. Candy, cookies, and talks about trees melt into discussions of how a particular troll-job turned into a treasured tradition.

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The announcement was made early on that this episode was going to be a very Hersey-centric podcast. There would be plenty of reminiscing about Christmas past and some talk of Christmas present. Actually, at the very tail end Eric brings up Christmas Future. It’s an entire Christmas Carol in podcast form. Todd and Eric touch on a slew of holiday topics, including:

  • Which Brother eats all of the Candy Canes?
  • How exactly does Eric eat Buckeyes?
  • Todd’s gingerbread house experience and why he practiced with peanut butter.
  • The two green ornaments that Todd created throughout the years.
  • Nick Offerman attends Herseyfest.
  • There is a “Where’s Waldo” audiobook.

Todd and Eric hint at some future stories for future Christmas Specials.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

Todd and Eric set a personal best on the day they recorded this episode. They successfull recorded three podcasts (all released during December).

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