Spontaneous Social Media Planning

October 10, 2020/T&E

The Hersey brothers rise and shine with a discussion of social media: how Todd interacts with it and how Eric plans for it. Peek behind the curtain of the podcast’s posting priorities.

Caution: listeners are warned of a discussion of hot dog races that ended in a scenario that required medical attention for one of the participants.

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The boys talk about Social Media and Social Media planning. It’s a great time to promote these channels.

The TodCast PodCast on Twitter

Twitter is the favored social media of Todd and Eric. Both were early adopters and post of personal and business accounts.

If you want to follow Todd’s “personal account”, you will get plenty of gems.

If you want Eric’s personal account, you are in luck.

The TodCast PodCast on Facebook

We know that Facebook is the land with the most people. Recently The TodCast PodCast jumped onto the social media giant.

Go ahead and “Like” the page.

The TodCast PodCast on YouTube

Let’s be real clear. The channel has been created, but there is no content (right now). This is a next-phase kind of thing. But feel free to subscribe and get notifications when we start posting content.

Todcast PodCast on YouTube

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you wanted actual content besides social media links, you are in luck.

Todd references the time he raced at a little league baseball game. We found the footage: Watch Todd dressed as a Hot Dog Fall

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