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October 14, 2020/Music Ranked

When it comes to classic rock, you really can’t get more “classic rock” than Bad Company…or at least the Hersey brothers believe.  Todd and Eric discuss the band, their favorite songs, and how playing the drums looks easy but is not.

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As often referenced in the podcast, Todd and Eric admired their father (Bill Hersey) and his musical influence. When Eric had the chance to dust off his father’s drumkit, he tried Bad Company. This proved how talented drummers are.

Let’s take a look at some best practices if you want to become a drummer – like the great William E. Hersey.

Why Play Drums?

If you are like Eric and just wanted to test your skills, you might need a better answer. Drums take discipline and practice. They also require you to have room available to store (while setup and torn down). Not to mention if you start getting gigs, you will need to have a vechicle large enough to transport.

Like a Station-Wagon (preferred choice by Bill Hersey).

But if you really, really want to play the drums – you should give it a try.

Start to Play the Drums

It’s probably best to start at an early age, but doesn’t mean the adult in you can’t figure it out.

Children have an easier time working with an instructor, just because they have less “to-do” items throughout the day. Finding a music instructor is probably the best way to go so you can get clear direction and an actual path to success.

You can, however, also find yourself an online video tutorial or get yourself a book. Bill Hersey had a VHS tape labeled Drum Lessons by Dave Weckl in his library for years.

Oh yeah, you should probably buy some drums. If that’s not an option, check out how to play drums without a drum set.

5 Practical Tips to Becoming a Drummer

Let’s say you started and want to become a better drummer, has a great article for you.

Their main list, without giving it all away, indicates that you should focus on fundamentals. Learn how to read drum sheet and working on rudiments.

You need to practice and grow. Make sure you set aside time each week (or day) to practice. Start challenging yourself and keep advancing.

If you want to play the classic rock songs, you probably have to play some of the basics before you get there. Have fun with “Hot Crossed Buns”.

Drumming Next Level

Maybe it turns out you are really good. If you want to become a drumming legend, you should watch some of the best.

Hit up YouTube and watch some live shows featuring Neil Peart, Keith Moon, or John Bontham.

Even better, take a look at RollingStones 100 Best Drummers.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

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