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TodCast episodes that feature both Todd and Eric as hosts.
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Pointless Debates: Hair Care

July 1, 2020/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

Pulling another debate topic from the envelopes of doom, the Hersey brothers delve into the…

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Hair Care
Star Wars Empires Strikes Back

Spoiling Star Wars with Eric – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

June 27, 2020/Spoiling Star Wars/0 Comments

The Hersey brothers dive deep into Episode V. Tiny green wizards, bounty hunters, and the…

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Music Ranked! Pink Floyd

June 24, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

We are of the opinion that Pink Floyd, while awesome overall, are really more or…

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League of Nothing

The League of Nothing (with John Wyatt Edgar)

June 22, 2020/Guest/0 Comments

Eric brings along a special guest: John Wyatt Edgar (of Dubpoints fame) to explain his…

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Music Ranked! Simon and Garfunkel

June 10, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Coming in at #7 (in 2007) on Eric’s list, we discuss the classic folk duo…

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Music Ranked! The Moody Blues

May 27, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Coming in at number six on Eric’s original list in 2007, the Hersey brothers discuss…

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Music Ranked! The Electric Light Orchestra

May 6, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Occupying the original #5 slot on Eric’s rankings, Todd and Eric discuss the ever amazing…

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Boston (The Band): Music Ranked!

April 8, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

We reach the number four slot on Eric’s list: the band Boston (not the geographic…

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Music Ranked! “Weird Al” Yankovic

March 11, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Todd and Eric take a trip down memory lane to cover the current owner of…

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Music Ranked! Journey (The Band)

February 12, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

We continue the series with Eric’s current number two on his list: the band Journey.…

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