Eric springs a topic on Todd without any preparation: babysitting.  Eric has never hired a (non-family) person to watch his young ones, so he turns to Todd for advice.

If you wanted to hear two middle age, middle class white guys share their tips, tricks, and opinions on child care…this is the podcast for you! 

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Eric nor Todd are probably your best babysitters or nannys. They have very little experience. Luckily, television shows tell us all about the world of babysitters and nannys.

Television Nannys

The Muppet Babies

Are you sad we couldn’t find a legit picture of the Nanny from Muppet Babies? Well that’s because we only saw her legs and those wonderful stripped socks. Not sure exactly how the whole Muppet Baby situation worked, but this Nanny didn’t spend too much time watching the kids.

The Nanny

It seems as if we should include the show called The Nanny on the list. Maybe Eric and Todd prefer Fran Drescher from her role in Weird Al’s UHF, but she made a good nanny on television.

Mr. Belvedere

Not sure if Mr. Belvedere was a housekeeper or a nanny, but we like to think he could do it all. This 1980s sitcom lasted 6 seasons and was full of tips and tricks for hanging out and watching kids.

Charles in Charge

The 80s had something for sitcoms and live-in housekeepers (babysitters). Everyone must have had a lot of money in the 80s to pay for other grown adult’s expenses. Regardless of what you think of Scott Baio, Charles wasn’t a bad guy.


We get a two-for-one on this deal. The Disney Channel show “Jessie” not only had, well, Jessie as a nanny but also had Bertram as a butler. Why do we know this? Eric’s daughter watched “Jessie” religiously for several years.

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Podcast was released on November 4, 2020

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