Paul is Dead?

October 24, 2020/T&E

Eric explains the famous “Paul is Dead” conspiracy to Todd. Short version: back in the day there were folk who believed that Paul McCartney (of the Beatles) had perished in an automobile accident and was replaced with a double.

Eric shared his insights (including a shocking revelation of a JFK-like production that he created) and Todd inserted backwards messages while he did the edits.

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Eric explained he wrote a screenplay dealing with the entire Paul is Dead conspiracy. Although he wasn’t sure if he still had the screenplay, we managed to find some old notes.

PID – The Screenplay: Act I

It appears that the first 30 pages dealt with a main character doing some basic research on The Beatles. We get plenty of Beatles flashbacks, which I’m all about. It would be nice to see actors gathering around the Sgt. Pepper’s album cover set.

PID – The Screenplay: Act II

As labeled, we have a confrontation. The Beatles are fighting. The Main Character battles with a friend. A flying dragon picks up the main character and flies him around the neighborhood. Sorry – that last part was from The Neverending Story.

PID – The Screenplay: Act III

We get the ending we all wanted. The Beatles planned the entire hoax.

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Paul is Dead was explained on October 24, 2020.

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