Season Seven Begins (or “Six Hours of Cocoa Relief”)

January 4, 2023/T&E

New year, new season of the TodCast with Eric!  The Hersey boys take this opportunity to introduce themselves (and the show) to any new listeners that may be joining them before moving on to their regular ridiculous conversation. They give a brief overview of:

  • Pointless Debates
  • The Hersey Hobby Wagon
  • The Self-Indulgent Audio Biography series
  • Other random topics they have covered

If you are a regular listener, you can probably skip forward until about 17 minutes in, at which point you will hear them discuss hot beverages, with highlights including:

  • Use of K-cups vs regular brewing
  • Thoughts on flavored coffee, peppermint in particular
  • Teas, cocoa, and/or hot cereal milk
  • Todd’s life hack of cooking succotash in a coffee pot

Welcome to another fun year of morning conversation!

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