Paul is Dead?

October 24, 2020/T&E/0 Comments

Eric explains the famous “Paul is Dead” conspiracy to Todd. Short version: back in the…

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Donut or Doughnut?

October 21, 2020/T&E/0 Comments

The Hersey boys start the morning with ring-shaped sweet treats this time. They discuss what…

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Pumpkins: Spice or Smash?

October 17, 2020/Special/0 Comments

Eric throws Todd a curveball appropriate to the season: Pumpkin Spice season. They talk about…

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Bad Company: Music Ranked!

October 14, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

When it comes to classic rock, you really can’t get more “classic rock” than Bad…

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Spontaneous Social Media Planning

October 10, 2020/T&E/0 Comments

The Hersey brothers rise and shine with a discussion of social media: how Todd interacts…

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Podcast Player App Review

October 7, 2020/MT Cast/0 Comments

Time for another MT Cast and the topic today (though a bit meta) is one…

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Spoiling Star Wars with Eric: The Last Jedi

October 3, 2020/Spoiling Star Wars/0 Comments

In keeping with the theme of “why do things in order”, the Hersey brothers complete…

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Music Ranked! America (the band)

September 28, 2020/Music Ranked/0 Comments

Todd and Eric discuss the band America. It turns out that it is difficult to…

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Pointless Debates: Do Audio Books “Count” as Reading?

September 26, 2020/Pointless Debates/0 Comments

This morning’s draw from the stack of debate envelopes provides a prompt that is shockingly…

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