Snooze Wrestling Shirts

July 15, 2020/T&E
Snooze Wrestling Shirts

Todd and Eric start their morning “boot up” routine with some conversation about alarm clocks, wrestling, robots, and free shirts.  About midway through, Todd realizes that this could be a TodCast (luckily, he was already recording).  We hope you find it entertaining!

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Waking Up and the Snooze Button

Why do we as humans use the snooze button so much? Eric and Todd talk about how this has crept into their lives over the years. Even if the snooze button isn’t located on a clock or his phone, he has a very detailed wake-up routine. Most of it deals with his wife talking to random strangers on Focusmate.

Both Todd and Eric realize that hitting snooze is a waste of time. Although they don’t give scientific reasoning on the show – we can do that right here.

Oh – and why is the snooze button done in intervals of 9? Todd has a great answer (but who knows if it’s correct). Once again, this lovely website provides you with answers.

A Librarian, A Vampire, and a Dungeon Master Walk Into a Wrestling Ring

If talking about a wake-up routine isn’t your thing, what are your thoughts on wrestling characters? Eric describes some of his favorite wrestling characters through the years – including Gangrel (The Vampire Warrior).

AEW Dynamite Taping in Cleveland, Ohio
It’s possible that Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon are in that ring.

How funny is it that there is a wrestling tag team in All Elite Wrestling that is comprised of a Librarian and a Dungeon and Dragon’s enthusiast. Are we sure it’s not Todd?

Free T-Shirts Only

The Hersey Boys don’t buy their own t-shirts. In fact, Todd talks about how he went his entire high school years without purchasing t-shirts. If you aren’t familiar with Winston cigarettes, take a look at a Music Ranked article explaining how Bill Hersey owned the proof of purchase catalog.

Vintage Winston Cigarettes
Vintage cigarettes with proof of purchase still intact.

The best part of the entire story is Todd describing how he wasn’t allowed to wear black colored t-shirts and how Mexican history helped him find a loophole.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This exact episode of the TodCast was recorded without any set topic. This was an organic conversation that Todd later edited in an introduction.

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