SportsBowl 2021

February 10, 2021/T&E

Todd keeps the tradition alive of hosting his post Super Bowl show, which rarely has more than a tangential connection to the sport.  

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Eric has been known to be a pretty big football fan, but this year there was a slight change of plans – and not all due to COVID. Listen to Todd and Eric discuss:

  • Who Todd did root for (back when he gave a hoot) 
  • The first game Eric watched this year
  • The hassles of commissionership
  • How to balance the roster (of your friends)

So crack open a cold one and dive into the nachos, this is the podcast of the season!

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you are interested in learning more about Fantasy Football or the perils of being a commissioner, check out (Eric and Justin Benline’s homegrown league).

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