The Hersey Hobby Wagon: Comic Books

April 14, 2021/T&E

Todd and Eric take another peak into the back of the Hobby Wagon and find a serious collection. The collection might be Todd’s, but Eric knows a thing or two about Todd’s comic book collection.

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The Hersey boys dig out a couple of “long boxes” from the back of the wagon and reminisce about what our grandma used to call Todd’s “funny books”.  Hear about:

  • Todd’s history of comic collecting (and loss)
  • A minor history of Star Wars comics
  • How he keeps his comics in decent condition
  • Eric’s tales of sneaking into Todd’s collection in his youth

Comics are for everyone and this episode is for YOU!

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This is not the first time Todd discussed his comic collection. If you feel like jumping back into the archives, take a listen to Episode 90: What Todd Has Been Up To.

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