Checks and Musicals

September 12, 2020/T&E

The conversation begins with a random chat on the use of checks (physical pieces of paper that represent money in your account, for the younger listeners).  Somehow, that segued into a discussion of old timey “saloon music”, which somehow shifted into a discussion of musical theater.  It all makes sense if you listen, I promise.

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We really had two options for this blog:

  1. Show pictures of Todd and Eric’s Personal Checks – full with routing numbers and account numbers
  2. Show pictures of Todd and Eric at Musicals

Hackers might dislike this choice, but we can’t please everyone.

The Music Man in Martins Ferry, Ohio

Eric was the villain in the High School musical – The Music Man. He also had a lot of screen time with the famous Wells Fargo Wagon.

Spamalot in New York City

Eric and Lauren Hersey went to see Clay Aiken star in Monty Python’s Spamalot during their Honeymoon in 2008.

STOMP in Wheeling, West Virginia

Chairs from STOMP at the Capitol Theatre in Wheeling, WV

Toni Zeakes Supershow in Wheeling, WV

Not really a musical and some would say – not really a show…but there is Lainee (she does The TodCast Commercials) front and Center.

Country Bears Jamboree at Walt Disney World

We are jumping right into trolling territory so why not include this classic stage show from Walt Disney World.

Hamilton in Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus, OH, and Indianpolis, IN

Eric and Hunter Hersey dressed up for the show.
If you get Starbucks, you take a picture of your drink. If you go to a show, you take a picture of the Playbill. Those are the rules.

Lil’ Hamilton at Wheeling Country Day School

Work, work. Lainee (pink dress) and friends did a wonderful rendition of The Schuyler Sisters for the WCDS 2020 Talent Show.

Glacier National Park: On Ice – The Musical

Todd and Family, ready to see the most epic show ever created.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

Note that on several occasions, Todd angers the Skype gods with his vocal distaste of Back to the Future III, which Skype punishes with audio clipping.

This episode has been humming along since September 12th, 2020.

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