Paper Or Plastic

September 9, 2020/T&E

What starts with Eric discussing the state of one of his many Disney cups (from one of his many trips to the park) evolves into a conversation of recycling, environmental impacts, and what can be done to minimize the damage that we are all doing.  Note that this is not a pointless debate, as the health of our planet is certainly not a pointless topic.  

Todd also goes on a side rant about Kroger’s Clicklist situation but dials it back in light of the pandemic situation we now live in.

There are references to the use of Frozen themed plates as part of Todd’s bachelor’s party, so brace yourselves for that.

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This episode goes everywhere. There are talks about being in Walt Disney World, Martins Ferry Kroger, and even camping the woods. You will have to listen to get all of the details, but we will give you photo evidence as promised.

Walt Disney World Resort Mugs

Walt Disney World Resort Mugs

When did Eric get his first Walt Disney World Resort Mug?


How many drinks does it take to get to the white of Walt Disney World mug?

The World May Never Know.

Eric Hersey Mugs – and Trolling

Although it wasn’t referenced on the show, Eric Hersey managed to troll good friend John Wyatt Edgar (from the League of Nothing) in 2019. As mentioned on the show, Eric prefers his Walt Disney World Resort Mugs – but has plenty of options.

For nearly two months straight, Eric would send an image of his cup to John Edgar – with no context of course. He did not duplicate a mug/cup during the entire two month span.

Once again, we provide photo evidence.

Camping Out with Todd

Todd hosted Eric for several campouts leading up to his wedding. The first campout was to see if Eric would actually like camping out. The second was after they found out they enjoyed camping.

Todd handled all of the logistics and food. Eric brought the paper products – which included Frozen birthday plates. Everyone had a jolly time and wonderful food – prepared over the fire by Todd.

We also have photo evidence of this encounter.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

This episode has been squandering precious resources since September 9th, 2020.

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