The 4th of July Parade

July 4, 2020/Special

As many denizens of the United States of America celebrate the nation’s Independence Day, some are bound to enjoy a parade.  Todd and Eric spontaneously design the parade of their dreams and ask you to come along for the (fairly ridiculous) ride.

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Unlike the episode, this post will be structured and uniformed. While the boys chat a bit about what they should talk about – we will drop right into the meat and potatoes and explain some of their podcast references.

Disney’s America on Parade Giant Sandwich Float

Indeed Eric made reference to the greatest parade float ever made (at least in America). In 1976, during the nation’s bicentennial, you could witness a giant sandwich float during the America on Parade…parade.

Naming All 50 States

Instead of meeting West Virginia or Wyoming, you can name them on the BuzzFeed Quiz referenced.

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders and many of his “fast-food” friends are going to be at the head of the parade (or scattered throughout). What makes Colonel Sanders so special that he should be in this parade?

The History Channel actually has 8 Facts about Colonel Sanders that might help our argument.

  • The First KFC was inside a Gas Station
  • He shot a business rival
  • Yes, he was in the military
  • He had several important jobs – delivering babies and practicing law
  • Utah
  • He sued KFC
  • He cursed – a lot.
  • Colonel Sanders also cursed a Japanese Baseball team.

If these facts don’t make you want to read this article, what will?

Mark Hamill is Grand Marshal

No explanation needed.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

World War 2 was from September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945

Began marching on July 04, 2020.

There is NO bonus content after the usual outro.  You should definitely not stick around to hear them continue the conversation, or you’ll be late to the cook out.

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