Music Ranked! Journey (The Band)

February 12, 2020/Music Ranked

We continue the series with Eric’s current number two on his list: the band Journey.  Once again, Todd is a bit behind the curve in his experience with this legendary rock group but thanks to some guidance from his brother, he did some podcast prep (for once) and the two have an intelligent conversation and much is learned.

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Eric ranked Journey as #2 and had a lot of memories and things to say about Steve Perry, Neal Schon, and Arnel Pneda. Okay, maybe he didn’t have a lot to say about Arnel. Either way, Todd and Eric go back and forth sharing memories, favorites, and opinions on Journey. They also discuss:

  • The two Journey CDs Bill Hersey owned.
  • Todd’s process for listening and ranking music.
  • The various versions and iterations of Journey.
  • Songs that received 4-Stars from Todd – and why they are solid D&D music.
  • Journey’s music genre (pop, hair band, arena rock).

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you enjoy Joureny as much as Eric Hersey does, you might want to check out Take a look at Journey’s profile and how they stack up in the rankings. You can find podcasts, documentaries, and so much more at Music Ranked!

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