Spoiling Star Wars: The Ewok Adventure (Caravan of Courage)

March 31, 2021/Spoiling Star Wars
Spoiling Star Wars The Ewok Adventure Caravan of Courage

Todd and Eric have always planned to review (and spoil) the two made-for-TV Ewok movies based on their re-watch from the ancestral VHS archives.  But the announcement that the films would be made available on Disney+ pushed up our schedule accordingly.

Though it should be obvious from the title:  SPOILERS!  You might want to wait to see the show when it releases before listening to this one.  (or don’t, we are not the bosses of you.) 

Read The Podcast: Spoiling Star Wars: The Ewok Adventure (Caravan of Courage)

Listen as the Hersey boys:

  • Reminisce on previous viewings and memories (or lack thereof)
  • Compare and contrast this with the Star Wars theatrical releases, the children’s made-for-TV specials of the day, and sadly, the Holiday Special
  • Discuss this (award winning) program’s special effects

While we may not have loved it per se, we still enjoyed it and hope you will too.

Podcast Show Notes, References, and Links

If you enjoy Spoiling Star Wars, check out all of the episodes of The TodCast PodCast. For those who want to listen to Todd and Eric discuss The Holiday Special, you can do that here too.

Listen to Spoiling Star Wars: The Ewok Adventure (Caravan of Courage)

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